Thursday, April 19, 2018


sandyf: @chattels: @sandyf You sound as though you allow for the possibility of private exchange groups ? - I have never indicated anything in that direction whatsoever. It is an interpretation created by some to distort what has been posted.

Low level trading on the forex markets is effectively a private arrangement between client and broker, divorced entirely from any government monetary policy. It would not be out of the realms of possibility for other entities to create a similar arrangement in a similar market environment.
sandyf: With people quite ready to dismiss audited accounts out of hand there is obviously little point in posting that the unaudited figure from the CBI for IQD in circulation at the 31st March 2018 was 42.172 Trillion.

sandyf: The idea of floating the IQD will always be a possibility but not an option normally taken by emerging markets. Growth rate is normally measured in just a few percent per year, China's highest currency appreciation reached 3% per year. If Iraq was to outperform that and say reached 5% per year, then in 25 years time the IQD would be 328 to the dollar. At 10% per annum it would take around 23 years to reach parity.

sandyf: Strange as though it may seem there is more to life than the dinar. Living in the sticks and responsible for your own maintenance there can be other priorities.

Irish Rose: Really folks???? It's all a" crap shoot"! Calling names and wanting someone to" prove it" is ridicules and you all know that. We are all in it for the money. Trying to act superior and" in the know", is degrading. NO ONE KNOWS when or if or how this will all go. So be the best version of yourself. Pray for our President and people in authority over us. .........we will just have to, "hurry up and wait"!!

Doug_W: this is a "power trip: 4 some rose

xyz: Where does Professor @sandyf get all his stuff from? Why can't the Dr. sandyf cite - by providing public record like a URL? .... Zig I love you guru ;banana

MichelleL: well, wishing you all a good morning - my bank story, cashed a check, talked about vacations and all the tellers will be taking them locally because they are BROKE :)

MichelleL: no talk about foreign exchange, everyone here is AMURIKAN! this is Texas :)

chattels: [Ayna - Baghdad] ruled out MP from the coalition of state law Mansour al - Baiji hold a meeting of the House of Representatives during the remainder of its current session even if the Presidency of the Presidency call for a hearing in the coming days. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=72857

chattels: The current Iraqi Parliament has performed very poorly.

chattels: Iraqi currency Market Economy News Baghdad The dinar exchange rate on Thursday recorded a decline against the dollar in the local currency market . According to the figures received by "Economy News", the price of buying the dollar in Baghdad today 120 thousand and 500 dinars and sale price 119 thousand dinars and 500 dinars to 100 dollars .

As for the South stock exchanges, the price of the purchase today at 120 thousand and 750 dinars, and the sale price 119 thousand and 750 dinars compared to $ 100 . While the purchase price of the dollar on the North Stock Exchange today at 121 thousand, selling price 120 thousand to $ 100. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12005

chattels: Courtesy DinarAlert

chattels: As Iraqi Parliament Winds Up, The Report Card: All Talk, No Action Mustafa Habib After four eventful years, Iraq’s parliament will end its term on April 30. The main hallmarks: absentee MPs, a lot more press conferences and lack of progress on any laws that could benefit ordinary Iraqis.


chattels: " The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round."

chattels: The difference between rhetoric and reality.

Baxter: Just give me my Dime... I have done my time..
Doug_W: @Baxter DITTO Pal

Baxter: matter of fact.. give me a nickel... since I am in such a Pickle..
Baxter: or... give me a penny... its better than not having any
Baxter: SNOW is covering the ground here... this April 19 : ridiculous
futuremoney: has Chattels hit the button yet??

chattels: @futuremoney My button is broke.
futuremoney: dang it
Doug_W: @chattels well go buy another one Office depot sells an "Easy" button

Tebow: see SandyF did another fly by at 4am.

chattels: Abadi’s Struggle to Maintain Campaign Narratives KIRK H. SOWELL Losing control of his campaign narratives, Iraq’s incumbent prime minister is facing questions about his credentials on nationalism, security, and public services. April 18, 2018 http://carnegieendowment.org/sada/76111

Zig: Kaperoni and Enorrste (Dinar Alert) is having a call tonight....Details at http://www.iqdcalls.com/kaperoni.html Special Guest: Tebow....

Tebow: guarantee I will not be there.

Doug_W: @Tebow awww why NOT?

Tebow: heard it before

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Apr 18 List of all 7,187 candidates for Iraq's parliamentary elections on May 12. The final # is 6,986, so some of these were struck after it was posted. http://www.ihec.iq/ihecftp/2018/parts/morsh9-4.pdf …

Tebow: unsubstantiated theory

JoeSchmoe: Honestly...how many people in dinarnia really believe in Kap and Enorste's theory?

chattels: 6,986 for 329 parliamentary posts

Zig: I don't like it when he calls people "Idiots"

JoeSchmoe: @Zig THAT right there tells me he has an ulterior motive

chattels: We all appear to be idiots at this point.

JoeSchmoe: "If you don't believe what I say, then you all don't know what you are talking about....." yada yada yada : I remember when Kap and BGG used be close too  : now kap says bgg is dreaming

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe true if you dont come with me and have your blind folds on ...your a idiot says Kap..

JoeSchmoe: for kap, it's blindfolds off, and virtual reality mechanisms on]

spankie: a lot of opinions out there

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe did you read sandyf

JoeSchmoe: no : what did he say this time
JoeSchmoe: I forgot to ask kap something last night too, a serious question

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe talked around the questions...and said we interpret it different...

JoeSchmoe: I wanted to know what he thought about banks(WF in particular) saying they would be dealing or selling the IQD 3-5 years aglo?: I wanted to see kap say that was guru bs, and it was a lie

chattels: It seems to me that a central point being made by sandyf is that the amount of dinar in circulation makes the " RV " contemplated / wished for by many impossible.

JoeSchmoe: ....cuz it happend to me, and then I could say kap was definitely *

chattels: He cites the CBI financial report as evidence of the amount in circulation.

JoeSchmoe: @chattels but how much of the dinar in circulation is inside and/or oustide iraq?

Tebow: ask him how were they going to chance salaries, contracts, prices for goods, banking accounts, etc daily with a gradual float................ Again he could not answer

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Apparently the majority may be outside of Iraq.

JoeSchmoe: @chattels if the majority of that number is inside iraq, then it is moot because a dinar will be a dinar no matter what the valuee: @chattels outside as in specuators, or neighboring countries/

Spectra: @Tebow good point

chattels: @JoeSchmoe I do not know.

Zig: I doubt if the majority of IQD is outside of Iraq....
JoeSchmoe: @Zig me too  e: @Zig most 000 most likely inside
JoeSchmoe: @Zig it's like saying there is more usd in circulation in canada and mexico than in the usa

chattels: @JoeSchmoe I want other currency or value for my dinar. Where is that money to come from ?

JoeSchmoe: I have no idea : electronic will be the guru answer or the goto answer

Zig: Central Banks that want to include it in their reserves if they think it will grow in value, etc.....

JoeSchmoe: all these questions/fears is many reasons why I question this whole thing, gradual increase and/or rv

Tebow: no one know how much is in circulation except the CBI. I remember not so ago Iraq's liquidity problems posted in articles.

JoeSchmoe: but I already have my dinar, and am not getting rid of it

chattels: I wish that I knew as all do. For now I will wait, watch, wonder and wish. Have a fine day all.

Spectra: MANY LIQUIDIDTY articles were coming out like for almost 2 years.

JoeSchmoe: well with all these questions and seemingly valid fears, it makes me wonder if there would be any way they could put a limit on the amount one can exchange? But then many other questions arise if that were to happen, making it a very unrealistic occurence

Spectra: now we are not seeing so many...THAT MIGHT MEAN A GOOD THING

Zig: We guess...some think they know...maybe have more "educated" guesses...but nobody knows how this will turn out for us...no matter what they say...or think....

chattels: @Zig Agreed.

JoeSchmoe: IF some of these fears were a real threat, then it would seem the only way for them to combat them would be to LOP. But then that whole debate begins

JoeSchmoe: and then kap comes in and says HIS way of supposed fact based thinking is the only way....then that whole thing begins lol

Zig: But Kap never says that he thinks we will be screwed....only has a different scenario as to how we will profit....he is not negative though...does not give up on this.....

JoeSchmoe: @Zig as I said, then that whole debate begins. It's a neverending cycle, that most don't ever see/realize is going on

Zig: But Kap is not a NAYSAYER as others are...: Kap is more optimistic than many in this room.....IMO

JoeSchmoe: almost as if the ptb or creators of this whole thing are the smartest manipulators in the world, knowing that this cycle can go in indefinitely   JoeSchmoe: go on

JoeSchmoe: @Zig you seem to change your views on kap alot
JoeSchmoe: @Zig I know you want to make him feel welcome in here, so I understand that point

Zig: I try to remain neutral and just spark conversation....lol

JoeSchmoe: ergo...the cycle

Zig: I have invited everyone out there....lol....Two days ago I sent an e-mail to "American Contractor" inviting him "again".....

JoeSchmoe: IF it were to gradually increase, as Kap says/theorizes, then how many people does he think will hold onto their dinar until around a 1-1, making the note count the same as it is now?

Zig: IMO not many will wait until it gets to 1:1

spankie: thx zig-- it all helps to hear diff views

Zig: I will not wait...

JoeSchmoe: the only way I see the note count diminishing outside the country, is a substantiated value. Maybe not 1-1, but a much higher than below .10 cents
JoeSchmoe: he says it starts to float at 1186. Then how does it rise from there?
JoeSchmoe: the 000 notes coming in? : WHO will sell back at that price?

Zig: Like Baxter, I would get rid of a lot of my Dinar at 10 cents.....keeping some for a bigger move.....etc....

JoeSchmoe: but for kap, it won't even start there  : says 1186 start

Zig: I know

JoeSchmoe: and the only way to even get to .10 cents is to bring 000 notes in  : correct?
JoeSchmoe: or am I mistaken
Tebow: I remember in the past Kap stating the CBI pushing Iraqis to open accounts to get the Dinar out from under their mattress. Why? The CBI could just lol the currency. That's not their plan. Kap pushes Iraq's MR. what reform if the current rate 1184 is it's true value. No need for MR. No need for a new currency.

JoeSchmoe: @Tebow how does he say the value rises? : bringing in the 000 notes, right?

Zig: Supply and Demand....Less supply of Dinar more value per Dinar.....more need for lower denoms as supply decreases and value increases.....

Tebow: He doesn't know.

JoeSchmoe: which begs the question again, WHO will get rid of their 000 notes those low prices
JoeSchmoe: @Zig cannot have lds without value increase

Zig: True

JoeSchmoe: @Zig how will they get that increase without 000 coming in, according to kap
JoeSchmoe: his theory contradicts itself: if that is what I remember him saying.
JoeSchmoe: correct me if im wrong please

Zig: Lower notes as needed according to Kap.....yes, need to reduce money supply....

JoeSchmoe: so how do they get those lds in?

JoeSchmoe: value increase

Tebow: why are the Iraqis hording the large notes and not deposit in banks...... They know

Zig: Still do not trust banks...

spankie: banksters

Spectra: @Tebow yes they know....

JoeSchmoe: anyone that thinks my questions are valid, and that I remember what he says correctly, please ask him because I will forget.

Zig: Citizens of Iraq do not trust their banks.....Yet.....especially older people....

Tebow: he has no answers   Tebow: same here lol

Zig: If the amount of Dinar out there is even close what some say it still is, you can't have an overnight large RV according to people like Kap and sandyf....

Tebow: @Zig so with Kaps gradual float a boat theory, the people in Iraq do not trust the banks and will keep their dinars, the dinar will float to equal over time to $1 USD and they will still be $45 TRILLION in debt and bankrupt! Makes sense to me!

Tebow: @Zig which will at 45 trillion in debt make the dinar worthless as it is now!

Clay: @Tebow if not at least a dollar Iraqis will never use the dinar   has to be at least $1

Tebow: yes

Clay: @Tebow and thats good for me for now

Zig: No....the 000 notes will be difficult to use....same as us trying to use a 1,000 bill....so they will bring their notes to banks to exchange them for lower notes which they can use in stores, etc.....

Clay: @Tebow used to hope for 3+

Tebow: srill hope for 3+

Clay: @Tebow yep Clay: @Tebow just let them do it already

spankie: what if they stop the use of the usd


spankie: no more multi currency practice

Tebow: @Zig makes no difference if they exchange one 1000 note for 1000 1 dinar notes still a thousand. 45 trillion is still 45 trillion in debt.


Clay: @spankie thats what they said 2 years ago use of dinar only alot of good that did

spankie: only when they start   spankie: later clay- dont work too hard--

Spectra: Then and now - Economy--Iraq.....https://youtu.be/UhqCVsGhnu4
Spectra: https://youtu.be/UhqCVsGhnu4
Spectra: This video has subtitles

Spectra: Government of Iraq Published on Apr 19, 2018 In 2014, the newly elected Iraqi Goverment faced a serious economic crisis, exacerbated by a collapse in o

Zig: KAPERONI & ENORRSTE (DINAR ALERT) CONFERENCE CALL TONIGHT!...DETAILS AT http://www.iqdcalls.com/kaperoni.html

Spectra: https://youtu.be/UhqCVsGhnu4
Spectra: looks like saleh..

JoeSchmoe: @spankie that is like saying 'what if they stop the use of usd in mexico, and only allow the peso
JoeSchmoe: they can't or won't stop the use of usd in any country.

JoeSchmoe: with all these questions and scenarios, it seems as if no one will have a win situation. They may need to have a whole new currency altogether : which has always been a fear of mine : since the beginning

Clay: @JoeSchmoe not mine at all  too many countries own dinar   the world would never allow it

Zig: Professional investors always will tell you that you have to leave emotions out of your investing and investing decisions.... 
​Clay: @JoeSchmoe changing their currency with sadaam on it was different

JoeSchmoe: @Clay can we/you be certain that so many countries own dinar?
JoeSchmoe: @Clay there was a time that I was as certain as you

Tebow: @Zig Professional investors also say get good financial advice not from a guru

JoeSchmoe: @Clay but then i realized that many of the gurus had ulterior motives
JoeSchmoe: @Clay the only positive vibes that I can redeem from this is things that I can get outside of the dinar forums  : ie: what my tax guy told me 3 or 4 years ago, and what WF told me when I went in there with my mother.

Zig: @Tebow : Agree...Don't make decisions based on what any GURU ever says...

JoeSchmoe: anything from anyone in here is just words by another. Until you have examples of your own, you cannot be so certain. And even with my own examples, I still question this whole thing

JoeSchmoe: we are all so quick to believe someone elses words because it renews our hope of instant wealth. I am in that same boat....

JoeSchmoe: so again I will put out the possibility that this is all a huge cycle created by some ptb out there to keep us all inested(ing)

Zig: @JoeSchmoe : Now you sound like "blackgold"..... :na

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I';m sure counties have their reserves   even though not international yet
Clay: @JoeSchmoe I got alot of my dinar from my local bank   :every bank owns foreign reserves
Clay: @JoeSchmoe just because the dinar became non international they still have those reserves waiting like us

Zig: @Baxter: Don't know if you saw it but I asked Kaperoni about the amount needed for anyone to donate at Dinar Alert to have full access....he did not know.....

Spectra: the fact he couldn't answer that is kinda strange..: it must be a lot of money.

Zig: @Spectra : Would you ever pay/donate to be at any forum?....Are any worth it??
Clay: @Zig I never had and wouldnt

Spectra: @Zig i did it a long time ago...

Spectra: @Zig not any more.....

Clay: @Zig no one knows any more then we do  :its all about pumping

Spectra: @Zig Strykers Forum is the one i paid for ...i felt is was not worth it.....

Zig: @Spectra : I was a member at Stryker until he started charging....
Spectra: @Zig too much drama not enough substance..
Spectra: @Zig Really you too -lol

Zig: He can be entertaining....lol
Spectra: @Zig he was entertaining ..ill give him that

Baxter: well.. I will say this... if this goes to mid June.... and hits the 90 day mark.. then the apply for article 8.. Kap will most likely be correct

Spectra: @Zig i thought i seen your name in there ???

Baxter: i really dont care... just give me my dam dime

Spectra: @Zig Hmm were you my adversary?: @Zig were you a mod?

Zig: @Spectra : LOL....I think I once was a member at 10 forums at the same time....an addict...lol

Spectra: @Zig ok

Zig: Not a mod....

Spectra: @Zig well some named zig was a mod at strykers...they copied your name.. i had issues with that Zig..im serious... how long ago or what year were you a member?  2015 for me

Zig: @Spectra : And issues with this Zig as well at times... :Really?.....LOL
Zig: @Spectra : I don't remember the years...

Spectra: @Zig when i first came to this chat ..I thought you were him?
Spectra: @Zig maybe your impostered.?

blackgold: I don't care if KAP is right,Tony,Frank, Benny OOtah , Stryker, MNT Goat or any of those* just give me an RV

blackgold: I was listening to Kap give reasons why Iraq isn't international. Venders in Iraq charge people too much for US dollars. Heck the US rip people off everyday. Our own credit companies and IRS charge us 15 and 20% or higher if we owe money. Thieves. Yet we are international. not to mention gas prices

KJWayne: Last night I heard that MONDAY the dinar was going to pop at $ 3.67 ! THEN I WOKE UP ! It was a GOOD dream !

blackgold: sounds more like a nightmare

KJWayne: No , a nightmare would be to show up at the bank and KAP was the security guard saying YOU can't come in here.

KJWayne: IMO, I don't like or agree with Kap s thinking !
KJWayne: IF it WAS $3.21 and we sanctioned them, then WHY can't it go back to $3.21?

blackgold: Its funny to listen to people ask foolish questions like " Where is all the curreny going to come from for the RV " aaah DUH we print it here remember. Also you won't get cash, its just numbers on a computer. Banks can't ever cover large sums of cash, you must order it first

blackgold: @KJWayne my point exctly

Clay: @KJWayne agree

blackgold: @KJWayne I'll take 1 to 1 at this point

Doug_W: BG U don't need a lot of hard currency when its digital

KJWayne: That's like me saying "I used to weigh 245 ,now I am at 305. Can I go back? Yes but I bet I don't. With the rv I won't CARE !

blackgold: @Doug_W Thats my point, you got it   blackgold: @KJWayne lol

KJWayne: That plastic in your pocket spends just fine.

blackgold: The plastic in our pockets is no different than bitcoin, its all electronic

JoeSchmoe: @KJWayne I don't believe in Kap or trust his motives....however, that $3.21 rate was a saddam imposed rate from what I understand.

blackgold: digital

KJWayne: BINGO !
Spectra: Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted Zaid Al-Ali ‏ @zalali 4h4 hours ago More Some of former PM Maliki's electoral posters have been destroyed by Iraqis, some of whom who have used their shoes to destroy the posters

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe what difference does that make, all rates are imposed

JoeSchmoe: how is it that Maliki can run for a third term? Do they not have term limits over there?

JoeSchmoe: @blackgold I heard someone say that the UN and/or imf didn't recognize that rate

blackgold: Its not their country

JoeSchmoe: @blackgold not saying that its true, but only what I've seen said

KJWayne: The ONLY terms they have is "how much ,you pay ? !"

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe i know

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I think they recognised 2.22

JoeSchmoe: 1-1 seems to be the most viable option
JoeSchmoe: @Clay whatever the rate was before saddam imposed that rate

Clay: @JoeSchmoe and that was b4 they found out about all their resources

KJWayne: The world doesn't recognize 1184 as a rate either.

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe if its true or not many dummies in the USA payed it

JoeSchmoe: guess so

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I'll take 1

JoeSchmoe: I have no clue, as I knew nothing about Iraq in that time
JoeSchmoe: all I cared about back then was how much usd i was making....

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe lol i hear ya

KJWayne: I just want IT to be done at whatever rate THEY decice so I can get on with it !

JoeSchmoe: exactly

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe me too

JoeSchmoe: and you KNOW we can't get away UNTIL something happens

KJWayne: Do ya'll believe IT will be done in THIS month?
JoeSchmoe: no

futuremoney: think I'm going to change my name to "funnymoney"...uuugggh
JoeSchmoe: lol
blackgold: @futuremoney lol

JoeSchmoe: @KJWayne do you think something will happen before elections? I don't

JoeSchmoe: @KJWayne elections May

blackgold: lol
KJWayne: IF this thing IS done BY JULY 1,2018, THANK YOU AND GOODBYE !
KJWayne: First half of the year.

blackgold: I keep looking at all the funny business gong on and to me it looks like the end of the year to next year. hate to say

JoeSchmoe: that was last year lol  : 2020 : I see we are all in this part of the dinar cycle now lol

leroy: hey you guys where can i the zim

futuremoney: omg
JoeSchmoe: @leroy :laugh

JoeSchmoe: @leroy can what the zim.....find a dumpster?

JoeSchmoe: It was hard enough to believe that I could change 1000 dollars into a million. How do you think I feel about turning 60 into a mil lol

blackgold: lots of funny business going on

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe or a trillion

JoeSchmoe: or that lol

JoeSchmoe: when I hear the ZIM being specculated on...it makes me want to give this whole thing up

leroy: serious guys where can i buy the zim

KJWayne: I don't have a clue.

JoeSchmoe: @leroy if you want to have the best chance, albeit a chance, to make money off currency..then dig deep and buy dinar   but be prepared to feel frustration    and doubt   and to be cynical

leroy: look you guys they was saying the same thing about the kuwait currency

Tebow: @Leroy ebay

KJWayne: Kuwait, completely different!

JoeSchmoe: you CAN'T put ZIM i the convo with any of these. Not iqd,kwd,dong, NONE

Tebow: who was saying

Spectra: @leroy dont compare kuwait to zim

JoeSchmoe: you can't even compare kuwait to iraq: well you can, but you dont want to

KJWayne: Leroy, DON'T DO IT !  BUY DONG before ZIM !

futuremoney: the zim is no longer used in country..why would it rv???????

leroy: i know people personally that didnt buy it in then 7months later they turned the currency on

JoeSchmoe: @leroy that has nothing to do with any of this

KJWayne: @leroy OK go ask them where to buy it . I don't know!

JoeSchmoe: @leroy i KNow a person who made millions off the kwd too, but he invested millions to make millions   he is the one that introduced me to the dinar : @leroy iqd e: the kwd never got below .07 cents think

leroy: i have plenty of the iraq dinar and dong

JoeSchmoe: good, get rid of your zim or wallpapter it
JoeSchmoe: I was foolish enuf to buy some Rial too, but luckily only spend $12

JoeSchmoe: @leroy once you watch this thing long enough, like most of us have, then you will notice the pattern of things, the cycle of how everything goes here

Tebow: Zim is worthless. Say you have a 100 trillion note and it Rv to 1 Zim to one USD. Does zimbaher have assets to cover that? Now multiply that by the number of Zim notes out there. Now get out the fairy dust

spankie: country is broke   spankie: thing that saves iqd is the future oil sales

Doug_W: @Tebow it didn't work   Doug_W: @Tebow STILL no RV lol

larrykn: I see they want to teach the people about the deleting of the zeros, also bright out the lower notes

Doug_W: @larrykn IF that article is in fact true YES

larrykn: well what gets me is what Kap said, how can they bring out the lower notes if the value will start at 1184

Doug_W: @larrykn great Q

larrykn: doesn't add up

Doug_W: @larrykn who would uyse / need them

larrykn: they be worth less then tp

Doug_W: @larrykn yup

larrykn: I get a kick out of some people know how this is all going to play out lol

Zig: They wouldn't bring out lower notes until needed.....

Doug_W: it IS fun to watch them make an @$$ of themselves

larrykn: yep

futuremoney: who even knows if there are LD's...

larrykn: @futuremoney there are many articles saying they are out

futuremoney: I haven't seen any  : only ones saying they are out is gurus

Zig: BS

larrykn: it make sence for them to have them if they are going to have a higher value

futuremoney: but there is no value!!

larrykn: not yet

futuremoney: so why would they be out now????

larrykn: if you don't think they will have a higher rate why are you here

futuremoney: they aren’t  : I'm saying the LD are not out!!

larrykn: if they are getting ready to raise the value they would have to have them out

futuremoney: you don't understand..they would be worth nothing now

larrykn: if they were going to start at 1184 they wouldn't need them for now

futuremoney: no one is going to use that

larrykn: I agree
​larrykn: but once they raise the value they will need them

futuremoney: they might be ready...but they are not out in public

larrykn: no I agree


larrykn: @Zig not if but when :)

futuremoney: raise the value..then introduce the LDs as needed

Zig: IMO that is unknown....what they will ever do...

larrykn: once they open the private sector they will need to raise the value
larrykn: that is the question,, when will they do that

larrykn: IMO for now it looks like after elections, which never made sence to me because it seems to me Adabi would be better off to do it before elections

dinard: Any more guru appearances scheduled for today?
Zig: Maybe "tman23" if we can meet his appearance fee.... :na;

IQD Update News (RANT# 137)

TNT: "What a Journey", 19 APRIL

CNBC: Oil soars 2.9% to 3-year high, settling at $68.47, as US crude s​tockpiles drop


What a Journey we’ve had, so much has been learned, seems the longer we last, the more lessons we’ve learned. Delays come and go, by now it’s expected, we must stay the course, do not get dejected. Our moment is so close, you can smell it in the air. Trust the timing to God, Put your trust in his care. Let me say to you all, this one final confession, this journey has been truly, a Magnificent Obsession!

It can’t be stopped now… everything is in motion…. Everything’s been done…way across the ocean. Our energy is rising to an unprecedented High…. So hard to stay Grounded… despite how hard we try. Our time is finally here… no doubts… no fears, there’s a bright light approaching, and it’s full of good cheer. So, one more time… Thank you Tony, Ray and Friends…. For this incredible Coming…. This Glorious Godsend.

Zimbabwe in tight timeline to repay arrears, seek more funding link

Zimbabwe stuck on Monday to its plan to clear its debt arrears by September with the aim to tap international capital markets by the end of the year, though that timeline would be “very fast-tracked.” Zimbabwean officials met with investors in New York in search for cash that would clear about $1.8 billion in arrears with the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Repayment would unlock more cash from the ADB and is necessary to tap other sources of development financing.

“We need to clear the ADB and World Bank before we’re able to go into a program with the IMF,” said John Mangudya, governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, at a press event following the investors’ meeting. “What we need is a bridge financing from the likes of these investors,” he said. In 2016, Zimbabwe paid off 15 years’ worth of arrears to the International Monetary Fund. The timeline for the arrears payment and the added funding “is possible, but it would be very fast-tracked,” said Dean Tyler, head of fixed income at Exotix Capital, which hosted the meeting.

Some 40 to 50 international investors, institutions and hedge funds among them, attended the meeting, according to Tyler, and it follows a similar meeting in London last month. The pitch to investors comes shortly after Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president for nearly 30 years, was forced to resign following a de facto army coup last November.

Zimbabwe became a pariah in the West after Mugabe’s government was accused of rigging votes and abusing human rights, and over the years it has turned to China for investment to help an economy desperate for new infrastructure. link


I just stopped at one of our small Wells Fargo branches in my hometown in Wisconsin to transfer some money to our grandson at college. I asked the teller if she had been trained in any new foreign currency processing. She stepped back, looked to the side with a smirk on her face, and then said, yes! Then I asked her when they were going to start using it. She paused, looked at me. . . and said, “it’s supposed to start going live TODAY . . . how did you know about all this? I just smiled and left. Time will tell.


Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- The Alliance have the Cabal surrounded and know their every move in this game of 4D Chess.

- Some rogue Cabal elements still remain and are being offered by the Alliance to surrender. If not, it's off to the Galactic Central Sun, in other words, death. Most chose the latter.

- All events are falling into place as planned.

- Zimbabwe is immensely rich in gold and rare earth elements which is already backing the country's currency under the new quantum financial system.

- GESARA will be enacted once the collapse of the global economy is visible.

- The enactment of GESARA will result in the activation of the new quantum financial system.

- Upon the activation of the new financial system, all currencies will be reset based on each country's assets and agriculture.

- Prosperity packages will be given to citizens of various countries, but not all.

- Many countries will need humanitarian aid.

- The RV will begin before the enactment of GESARA.

- The elusive release of the RV is set to be at any moment.