Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gold Import Decline is a Proof of Dinar Strength: Abadi, 28 JULY

On Monday, the Economic Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh issued a stated in an interview that the Iraqi imports of gold products have been reached more than 70 tons. It is also added that a continuous downfall in the gold prices increasing the Iraqi dinar currency strength. Muhammad Saleh further added that Iraq is importing a large amount of gold per year and it is estimated between 60 to 70 tons. He further added that Iraqi dinar is thriving with the power of gold which caused a lower price in the Iraqi local markets.
Muhammad Saleh also said that the gold prices have declined significantly. This massive downfall in the gold prices brought the gold price at the level when it was recorded in 1978. But interesting thing is those purchasing powers have been increased among the citizens. The gold price is at its low level which is increasing the purchasing power. He also explained that stability in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate also caused low price of gold. The Iraqi dinar currency is improving in its value against most of the major foreign currencies. Now the gold price in the Iraqi markets have been dropped 200 thousand Iraqi dinars per weight. Before this downfall it was moving in between 250 to 300 thousand Iraqi dinars per weight.







 **Can still see isa's info -- here is some: Anyway for whoever is out there… the forex site I watch just did a TEST of the usd/iqn and the chart was only in a range of .4881 to .4792 which as you know means that it is worth more than Kuwait which is at .3032...Now the chart has gone back to somewhat normal, but with alot lower opening than it usually shows. I'm really excited.

GJHonor:  mrs.) gm to all. this is a post I saw from Isa below is way different from her other post below.? isa52bc wrote 3h ago Yeah, I think I'm going to head off to bed...here is what I can tell you from the site I watch...the only currency in the basket that has moved AT ALL is the Rupiah, all the others have stayed at their opening rate, and of course the isd/iqn is still completely BLANK...no nothing...zip...nada...not even zeros...just blank.

Iko Ward:
  Well, let's see. Forex is showing 1130 on the dinar as it has for the past week. Markets are back up. ISX lost another 1% as it has each day for the past week. Gold is steady. Isa's post is interesting in that whatever platform she is viewing may have anticipated something or gotten instructions but they are all still slaves to the CBI at the end of the day. Forex showed 1130 all night. It's all good. It's coming.
Iko Ward:  And I forgot, Canadian Dollar is active on the CBI. They really love you guys, been changing daily and for the better.

CO Dreamer:  Iko at least something is changing!

Iko ward:
  Actually, CO, the way I see it is the whole planet is dancing around the Dinar and that is the only thing that isn't changing publicly, but it sure is bouncing around the back rooms.

Martha:  think about this July 31st is the end of the month, it is also the "blue Moon"

Iko Ward:  Martha, that might actually be more appropriate than "Chistmas". Aug 1st is the start of the new life on this planet, our new lives, and an appropriate underground holiday. Another way to ID Dinarians, people popping champagne at restaurants and crying TNT!

Martha:  Iko I did a new posting but something did happen on the 25th-the new cards went international


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Frank26:  Greetings family! Welcome to another one of your conference calls!

We have a lot to talk about tonight.
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We will do our very best to condense this call tonight so that it’s only runs about 1½ hours.

Right now we are being “pinged” – so give me a few minutes while I take this information.

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So let’s talk about the Iraqi dinar.
Our files that we have to talk tonight (1,2, and 3) are huge!

First, we’ll cover Intel … then info … then eliminate confusion.

As you know family … the main thing that we have been concerned about in the IQD investment is the SECURITY in Iraq.

Obviously you wouldn’t let your children play with grenades --- with or without a pin in it. They are dangerous.

As far as the “fine-tuning” – I think we’re walking on that right now.

We believe that the info coming out right now is so concentrated towards the monetary reform of the IQD that it is very clear.

We want security … where? On the land … against ISIS and terrorists.

Dr. Shabibi and Dr. Abadi are now one = “DRS” … and the GOICBI.

So, what’s been one of the biggest problems?

Let’s go back in time … in the 80’s and 90’s when Iraq had value. What was it worth? About $3.22.

What was the IQD worth when Saddam was captured?

What it is it worth now? About nine-tenths of a penny.

Back then, the conditions were not proper because Saddam artificially inflating their currency.

So, after we went in and got Saddam … the IMF took the rate down to a more realistic program rate.

The IQD is the only currency (in the last 10 years) that has not gone down in value compared to other world currencies. That is a purpose … a mission … a mission that needs to be accomplished … with or without the Executive Order.

I think the conditions are now good to raise the value of the IQD.
The environment of Iraq is good for the IQD to reinstate it’s value … just like Dr. Shabibi wants.

The conditions of the GOI and CBI are one. (GOICBI)

We are almost there … I don’t know WHEN … we offer no date here.

You can’t raise the value of the IQD if the GOI and the CBI are fighting – and there is none!

Maliki decided to say some bad things about Kurdistan.

As you know, Kurdistan is the “proud-son” of the USA.

So Maliki comes out of his fox-hole … he wanted his money / possessions back … a powerless man … so he said that he would tell EVERYTHING if we’d help him with his family. All of the sudden … WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) pop up. Knuckle head ISIS tried to use them, but they don’t know how … and if they did they would probably kill themselves. “SYRI-OUSLY” … you know that country and know where those WMD’s went.

While Maliki was trying to save his donkey … (giving up all of his possessions) … he wanted help with his family. They may help with his family … but not M. It’s too late. Laws have been passed for Maliki. They need to remove him from all types of power – not all at once … (because that’s not necessarily good) … and I can’t really say why.

ISIS is being painted into a corner. The leader (Baghdadi) called a meeting … last Tues/Wed … (at a private location) … which there is nothing “private” about them anymore. As they are watched … Baghdadi calls the remainder of his military structure (less than 100 of his commanders that are left) … no one can see them … they decide to change their strategy. At this time, one of the commanders challenges Baghdadi … guns were pulled … shots fired … [and just like a Hollywood action movie] … it turned into the Ok Corral. LOL! Over 50 high-ranking officers were killed.

The SECURITY that we want … is growing rapidly … almost like bacteria. “Cannibalism” – just like we told you. <<< KEYWORD.

We were expecting this. As you know … our military is not stupid … nor the leaders, commanders, officers … nor our Commander of Chief.

We were not to declare this as a “victory” … it will be declared as a middle-east or Arab victory.

The movie is almost over with.

All coalition flights must not be visible.

The F-16’s must fly high above Iraq … while the F-35’s (and high-altitude drones) fly high above … unseen

SECURITY -- city after city … things are being secured and next, in my opinion … Hidithia will be the next target city. Why? Look at the banks.

By the way … they are kicking butt!

The Iraqi Army is kicking butt … removing ISIS< capturing cities, ground, banks, etc.

The citizens are helping. This is why we wanted!

Our monetary reform is not military … but the military brings the peace and security … in a dualism effect!

The IMF watches all of this and says on their website that the IQD is 1166 … but 2 days AFTER this military action … the IMF removes the rate of the IQD … and puts up there … “HOLDING.”
What are they holding? Not much … you know the IMF already gave Iraq the green-light.
Why isn’t this on the front page of the Wall Street Journal? LOL – that one is too easy to answer.

Does that mean that the IMF is waiting in that loooooong line? Yep!

Wells Fargo … I sincerely hope you like raspberries!

Because when this thing is over with … I am going to give you all of my raspberries!

Did you see the Chinese stock market? Last week … we told you … China … you gotta work on your stock – but I didn’t know you were going to do it that way. Even the IMF yelled at them

Speaking of getting yelled at … Maliki gets his butt chewed out … and he sees his loyal followers dwindling in front of him. His time is measured. Good luck to you.

Maliki even tried to give problems to the Kurds. Normally they would have come out after him – but they did nothing.

Where do you keep your enemies? As close to you as possible.

IMO – the Kurds are the primer to the monetary reform of the IQD currency.
To see that the primer didn’t ignite after Maliki’s comments about the Kurds is impressive. The Kurds are keeping quiet.

The Minister of Finance of Kurdistan, announced that they are going to start the distribution of the salary tables, and to distribute the national cards (for the citizens). Why bother? You don’t have any liquidity. (Shhhhhhh)

The Kurds are the primer of the monetary reform of the IQD currency. They are the ones who will trigger everything for the funding.
They are so far advanced that they now could care less about Maliki. They are worried about the rule of law! Kurdistan and Baghdad are committed together as one on the OIL LAW … that is why the RULE OF LAW … the Kurds are committed … because that is where most of the oil is being sent out of Iraq right now. They know that M is about to be committed, so they are committed too!

Where is the HCL? It’s in the 2015 budget. What’s next to the HCL is the RIDER.

Who’s was extremely influential in making sure the RIDER was right next to the HCL?

In my opinion … Kurdistan! They don’t care about Maliki! The lava-flow is working!

166 Billion Dinar … Kurdistan’s quarterback bank … they are loading Kurdistan … the proud-son … who is far advanced … who is extremely influential with the RIDER along-side the HCL. Who’s oil is being shipped left and right. The rider is being used by Kurdistan. Why not? I’d give my proud-son anything he wanted.

Meanwhile … all of these laws are being activated and used … using a rider … and they don’t have to necessarily tell you about it. You’re not supposed to know about it. You will … when they are ready.

166 Billion Dinars being sent to the Kurdistan’s regional bank and you can’t figure that out yet?

The GOI said that the investment law is being passed … and IMO … is being done for Kurdistan.

It is being done to “SUIT” the conditions of Iraq. Pay attention!

ARTICLE – many laws being put in right now. The conditions “SUIT” these laws. They use calculated words in Iraq. Pay attention to that translation.

If the Kurds are doing everything with the budget … that is activating many things for the monetary reform … and M is being a pain … but he can’t do anything …

because he’s neutered … but he now knows that they are coming after him to take him to court … to hang him.

The INVESTMENT LAW was passed a long time ago. It was amended 3 times. Why? To “SUIT” the conditions for the Investment Law … to grow the private sector and their economy. They have to get this done by October.

Oh no Frank … October? Ahhhh!!!! I don’t care about a date or rate … I care what they do.

Will the BONDS be ready by August the 1st?
Family, look at your notes. If they do it August the 1st – and the BONDS are out there … the domestic and international bonds are out there … how many days will you need? Do you know the rate? No.

Can you buy bonds? I don’t know how.

Can you? Add 30 to 45 days to it … and where are you? Is that a date or rate? Of course not.
That’s what they say their goals are.

Maliki … what are you going to do?

Will he go to Iran on an “un-announced visit?” Humm.

History repeats itself. Yes, it took 2 extra years because O wanted to keep a campaign promise.

Maliki finds a fox hole in Iran.

But just a minutes … we just made a deal with Iran. Of course we did. LOL!

Was that part of the “deal?”

I told you 3 weeks ago … I don’t care if you have no money (middle-east) … let me forgive your debt … from A to Greece … let’s make money together … we’re about ready to start this thing. There is no terrorism … everybody just wants to make money now.

Do you know what kind of hole Saddam was found in? It’s called a spider-hole – filled with spiders. Spiders take cover underground … it’s very hot on the sand.

Especially Camel Spiders I don’t know why I tell you that … yet. LOL!

Remove Maliki … this is getting deeper and deeper. M is the snake … he is the reason why we don’t have a monetary reform yet. He leads ISIS. Not anymore! LOL!

M was expected to RUN! Especially after what he said about the Kurds … he ran!

Perhaps parliament will sack M and remove him as Vice President. It’s called surgery.

It is possible that Masum (the President of the GOI) is no longer doing to try to help Maliki.

Last Friday … he picked up the phone and called Maliki … he said he was going to release him of his VP position … and M will be going to court. Maliki runs … and hides in Iran – mainly because Masum threatened to do things to him.

I think JJ found one article about it … guess who showed up? The whole contingency that used to support Maliki – hundreds of them showed up … and everyone was prepared to squeal against Maliki.

The monetary reform conditions are “SUITED” for it. End of Keyword.

Frank26:  <<< PAY ATTENTION HERE >>> The RIDER is dealing with the surplus that the Kurds are producing from their oil fields. TA-DA!!!!

It was done with the RIDER … not with the rate. Everyone in the middle-east is hearing the rumor that the IQD will soon be 1-to-1 with the USD … despite the 17%. This is what the GOI does with the extra oil being pumped out of Kurdistan.

This is where these funds are coming from. And Turkey is helping to distribute these funds. 17% my foot. LOL!!!

The Kurds said that they will pump extra oil … and we don’t care about the relationship with SOMO. We respect SOMO. In fact, SOMO was there and they were not against this idea of the surplus being “RIDER’d” through OIL LAWS … that are hidden in an HCL of a 2015 budget. That’s what they do with the supply right now.

The RIDER is here! Say hello to it!

The RATE is not here … so don’t say hello to it … yet.

Baghdad, and the Kurds and this RIDER could be called a HANG-UP … could be called a DELAY … but a lot of things no longer are delays anymore.
OR … in my opinion … this RIDER being used now … is the “safety valve” that activates the HCL in the BUDGET!!!
The Kurds said that the HCL … they got no problems with it … and they’ve been saying that for a long time. Erbil agreement … Article 140 … etc. The HCL is being used with the Kurds right now to deal with the extra oil that they are shipping out … 100% of it.

Maybe we [Kurds] could respect Baghdad … (if they had a problem with it) … but they don’t have a problem with it now.

The environments are being are being “SUITED” so that the conditions are right for the monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar are not only to continue but to come forth.
And it looks like it is coming forth with bonds. (Which we’ll get to in a minute).
Maliki refused to show up at his bosses request and his followers that he thought were there to support him, turned on him and are supporting Iraq and the GOI.

M doesn’t have any supporters … even suspenders.

The NEW coalition is forming right before our eyes.

The entire middle-east is united in getting rid of ISIS. This is fantastic!

The whole middle-east now looks like they are against terrorism! TA-DA-freakin’-DA!!!!

Trust. Brotherhood. This is what we needed to bring forth what we study.

Middle-eastern people are a beautiful human beings with a beautiful culture – which ISIS destroyed recently!

We are passing the baton because we hold the baton to raise the value of the IQD. We gave them the permission to do it. This is a masterpiece!

The country TURKEY … is helping … you know what they are doing with the surplus.

TURKEY is now allowing the use of their airbases … borders … but they are not a part of the coalition force.

Saudi Arabia is helping. They are not a part of the coalition force.

Israel is helping to combat terrorism in the middle-east. They are not a coalition country.

Libya is helping to fight ISIS … and they are not part of the coalition force.

Lebanon is helping to fight in the middle-east … and likewise, they are not part of the coalition force.

The whole middle-east is coming together … because they want to make money. They don’t want to fight anymore.
They are tired of fighting and they can see what is happening in Iraq.

Do you think anyone loves Iran? It’s a wonderful junk-yard – a place to dump stuff.

If Iran thinks they are going to have any proliferation … just wait until they try to buy the special ingredients (deuterium) … good luck. LOL! You can have all the recipes you want Iran … but if you don’t have the ingredients – LOL!!!

Iran doesn’t want terrorism. They want to grow. They want to advance … they are in union with the middle-east … and Iran is not a part of the coalition force.

A NEW coalition force is being formed in from of your eyes. There is a union. There is no gap! These middle-east countries once wanted to kill each other … but this UNION … is what they wanted … what the 12 want … what the USA wants … and ARAB VICTORY.

Religion glues the middle-east together … not politics!

If the United States fought the battles, then we would win … but we would lose the monetary reform.

But as soon as we left … the terrorism would return.

The unity of fighting together … against ISIS … their common enemy.

The middle-east … (in our opinion) … is ready for the monetary reform of the IQD … because the enemy … of my enemy … is my friend … today. Ta-Da-freakin’-Da!

This was the goal of SECURITY by the USA.

We now need to let this play out between now and August the 1st. I understand your concern about it – as a study.

Remember, the taxes and tariffs are connected with all of this.

If we see the taxes and tariffs … then we’re off to the races man!
If we see the bonds … are we off to the races? No. Actually the bonds are a mechanism of the monetary reform. The same was that the RIDER is a mechanism of the HCL.
That is the TARGET DATE of AUGUST 1st. That is what’s it’s all about.
The SECURITY today is for the banks of Iraq and for Dr. Shabibi and his monetary reform.

The RIDER is of the proud son … but if you try to figure out someone in the middle-east … the RIDER is the proud son … they will change their ways quicker than a Chameleon. We don’t want that. Trust me. We don’t want that.

iTeam wishes to talk to you family. Do you mind?
The leader of iTeam (Ghost) connected with us … basically said … “I am extremely bored.”

Frank: Is that good or bad?

Ghost -- “everything is fine … but I am bored.”

Frank: that’s it. LOL!

August the 1st --- since the security is progressing … we might as well go into Article 8 and lift the 3 zeros.
We have zero intel from iTeam … and that is HUGE intel!!!!!!! I never dreamed that we’d see iTeam ... in that loooooong line too.

The RIDER … in the hands of the proud son … I think that has has a lot to do with the fact that we have a lot of security.

Anything that goes past that 17% per day … that RIDER is going to take over and will boost the value of the dinar (in my opinion) and will go a lost faster from the RI to an RV. And it will go from an RI to an RV – and it’s only logical based on what they learned in Kuwait in the 90’s.
If the Kurds are using the RIDER in the HCL … then so is all of Iraq right now.
We are wanting to see (as a team) if the Providences that have been secured … will be turned over to their own governesses. (Like our 50 states).

We need to see these Providences go back … so that the banking structure … can be in order to take care of those Providences.

iTeam is not involved in that. iTeam is 100% HOORAH!!! 100% SECURITY … and they are bored?!!! COME ON!!!!!!

ISIS is also in that looooong line waiting now.

The DAWA party (Maliki’s party) is running like cockroaches from Maliki … and they’re bringing intel with them to our side.

We are securing the RIDING (writing) on the wall!

Ft. Britz? HOORAH!!!

All Army bases … HOORAH!!!


Ft. Hood …. HOORAH!!!

All of these forts that house the JTAC members … which are increasing … most from Air Force … combined Army … Coast Guard … Marines!!! (We are so blessed).

The monetary reform is not waiting for security to form.
The DAWA party is now going to Abadi! How much more security do we need?

Saudi Arabia is not angry with Iraq. THIS IS REAL BIG!!! They are mad at Maliki.

SA is only in the middle between the battles of ISIS and the middle-east.

The Iranian Rial – they sure made a lot of deals with Iran. Humm. Nuclear proliferation's and Maliki? Humm.
Could they have made a deal with their currency?
Iran Rial – would you like to get in line? LOL
The GCC (Gulf Coast Currency) say’s yes.
Start studying the numbers of Iran. Find out about that 33.85 million.

It’s actually lower than the VND. And look what the VND is doing.

Check out the assets of Iran.

And you thought the only deal with Iran was their nuclear ambitions.

Iraq and the whole middle-east understands money. You can’t swindle them.
They are going about the MR to get their money.
Iran got SWIFT CODES … why would they get the same as what Iraq and Vietnam got? Humm.
Come on … Iran????!!!!!!!
Maybe the banks aren’t selling the Iranian Rial … because it’s only one of those kind-of “lists” … but let me ask you this. If it’s not activated … if it’s not used worldwide … why is it that Forbes has it listed?
Who in the world is trading the Iraqi Dinar, and the Iranian Rial – BECAUSE IT’S ON FOREX! Come on!
UNITY … UNION … TOGETHERNESS … COALITION … all of these countries that were not apart of the coalition … yet doing the work of a coalition.

Middle-eastern countries are not taking a gamble. This is not a calculated risk for them. They know very well where Maliki went … why a united Iraqi Army is united.Turkey went to NATO yesterday … unannounced.

I am very pleased with what we are seeing.

Even with the PKK … (militant Kurds) … even those guys are acting peaceful. That’s impressive.

Yesterday they took back a University in Ramadeen. When you find out what the university does with banks, you’ll be impressed.

They bombed the ____ out of this area.

Mosul does look like a quagmire --- but that dust is settling … and they are getting their stuff together.

You know how in the USA … our budget … we really don’t have a budget … so the “continuing resolution budget” limps from month-to-month … because we can pay our bills.

We think in our hearts that the $3 to $4 range is ridiculous … the 1-to-1 rate would be ideal.
Then Forex can take that 1-to-1 and put it into warp-speed to $3, $4 or whatever they want to do.
We are making tremendous progress in the coalition of the middle-east … including Israel.

For Israel to say they are against ISIS … that is a unity of purpose.

The world seems to support Iraq’s GOI

The BONDS … there will be domestic and international.
The citizens will love the domestic bonds … but at 1166 … do you think they will buy them? No!

The domestic bonds … if they are ready for purchase on August 1st – would you buy them? Of course your would because you can use IQD’s.

So … how are they going to do the ROI? They will pay that in USD. Why? In my opinion … the IQD will have got from a RI rate to an RV rate … something much more valuable.
Let’s see if we see the Taxes and Tariffs on August 1st -- BEFORE you sell any stikin’ bonds to anyone.
Why does a country sell bonds? To support their currency.
The GOI has launched the “operational side of the BUDGET!”

These are their ideas and goals.

1166 will not help them accomplish those huge goals.

Now Houston … (home of the CBI website) … we have a LAUNCH!!!

Sovereign bonds to be sold August 1st … and then on the 2nd thru the 31st … international bonds … all to be accomplished by … add 45 days to it … SEPTEMBER. WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!
I should end here … but I can’t say goodbye but I can’t do that until I talk about the concept of laws.

I divorced myself of those I gave names too …

Seeing these laws causes all of us to feel the same way.

Parliament amended these laws … laws that have been

This is being DONE … the RIDER is HAPPENING!!!!!!

Because we are now seeing the GOI very clearly … “the laws that have been (past tense) modified by agreement of the political blocks (minus Maliki) the National Guard Law is “THE LAW” now and the law of amnesty as well as other laws.”

Dear God – THANK YOU!!!!!!

This is a plethora of laws family … that are done! The new security and the GOI is … “MLESS!!!”

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th … maybe we will see a menu of these laws … because the anti-money laundering law works with the taxes and tariffs. This is HUGE!!!

But Frank … the BONDS … they are about to be sold at 1166 Frank!

Frank: Yes – that’s right. But … look at it this way . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . ignition! The BONDS have been waiting for anti-money laundering laws … from August 2nd to August 31st … sold in amounts of 2,500 … 10,000 … 50,000 and 100,000 and sold to you in USD. 2 BILLION BONDS will be sold over a certain period.
What is the rate they will sell these BONDS at?
ANSWER: 1095
But the program rate is 1166 …(which started at 1,400 or 1,500) … which has had some PIP moments along the way … and gained value along the way … and I remember when it was 1250.
Every time that number gets smaller and smaller … it gets us closer to a 1-to-1!!!
The monetary reform is right in front of your eyes!
They should sell them at 1166 – which is the program rate.

That’s a difference between 71 PIP’s … for the love of God … I just made a profit with the bonds … which is just what Dr. Shabibi wanted.

The international selling of 1095 … already needs Article 8th.

We’ve already launched … we are at 10,000 ft. So when do we get into orbit? We are getting there?

The international bond is the starting point to adding value … Article 8 compliant … from RI … to RV … to Forex.
1095 may just be an “entry price” – because bonds are always sold to the country’s currency rate. 71 PIP is a pretty far way if you ask me. So why not start with 1166? Because they want to reach a monetary reform of 1-to-1 with their currency.

The will give you 6.1% at maturity … (that is a dang good return) … paid in IQD or USD.

They sell international bonds … and return 6% two years later.

Many are willing to do this to help Dr. Shabibi with the monetary reform of the IQD.

Study … more at a quantum level. Get in there.

The GOI announces that the USD exchange #193The CBI has low price remittance

So … how do you like me now IMF … BIS … USA … WB.

And the World Bank – it the last 72 hours

POST #258 … the World Bank turns to Iraq … the crisis is no more.

You mean the lies that M said about Maliki … NO MORE!

IMF … you gave us the green-light … but how many firewalls do you want.

Raise the value … the conditions are now SUITED for it. I’ve always liked pin-striped.

The anti-laundering law will destroy terrorism!

Of all of the international … 3-letter institutions … they are all asking Iraq to get this in place by Sept/Oct.

In my opinion … the security … new coalitions … better prepared for Article 8 by then.

Let is see what happens on October the 1st … let us see what happens tomorrow … not for the date for you to exchange … but the timeframe of these laws.

POST #198 – it is long … it shows you what they are looking for. Read that.

3-letter agencies … (or 12) … Iraq wants you to know something … Iraq is telling you that literally every year for a few years now … Iraq has purchased over 70 tons of gold. How many more firewalls do you want. They alone proves the strength of the IQD and the monetary reform – and they don’t even need it. It is for the bank platforms.

All of these “terms” have been accomplished under the term with Dr. Abadi.

Now that many of you are in the 10th month of your labor … the LABOR law is next.

We need to continue to be strong in prayer for each other.

I’m so proud of our staff … handling questions.

This past week someone called me a “sheeple” – because our admins took down a post. We know that posts are personal – just like if you made a painting and someone took it down.

We have rules to follow on our forum – and we apologize if that hurts your feelings … because maybe you didn’t know.

99.9999% of the time our admins take down a post, it’s because our admins are doing it to protect myself and my wife.

August the 1st is just around the corner.
It is possible … (Aug 1st to 31st) - they may get in the mood to sell these bonds.

If they do sell the bonds … it won’t be at a program rate.

Give them time to do that.

When they sell bonds – it’s a private thing.

I’m curious to see if 1095 is a rate.
We’ll make calls … we’ll find out.

If those bonds are at 1095 … and they are sold “internationally” – hummm.

No wonder iTeam is bored. That’s not their job. Their job has been accomplished … months ago.

Thank you for being with us.

Call ended in prayer.