Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Treasury Direct Accounts

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 26 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 26 July 2017 by Judy Byington

A. July 25 2017 8:59 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Defrost" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - July 25, 2017

1. The USN was taken out of its deep freeze in Congress today July 25.

2. They're debating possible amendment improvements for 20 hours (starting at 4pm EDT Tues. July 25).

3. By Wed. July 26 they should ultimately vote in majority, that which will ultimately become America's new health care/currency law.

4. Trump will sign whatever lands on his desk. When he does, the world will be allowed to RV courtesy of Quan Yin.

5. Why? Because the USN will have been made law by both a Republic Congress and Republic President per the GESARA mandate. Meaning, our nation's freely elected leaders will have chosen to accept the USN out of free will as its legal tender.


B. July 25 2017 8:25 pm EDT TDA Update: "Until" - TDA Update - Tuesday - July 25, 2017

Until the Republic has a legal currency backed in gold as voted on by its elected representatives, no account can pay anyone's bills.


C. July 25 2017 The Big Call Bruce: Thebigcall.net: playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Tomorrows (Wed) July 26 version of the Iraqi Gazette is printed and ready to go out with the adendum and new Dinar rate.

2. The IMF, AIIB and US Treasury has given their go.

3. We should be there at least by Friday July 28.

4. The redemption centers, 7,420 plus, are on red hot alert to go at any moment as of tonight July 25 at 8 pm EDT.

5. Tier 1 and 2 banks are 95% staffed for exchanges.

6. Those who hold Zim will be sent to redemption centers.

7. Anything above screen rates on all currencies will require an NDA.

8. The Zim requires a long term payout up to 50 years. (Others have said the payout can go up to 300 years.)

9. They want to know you are doing infrastructure spending, creating jobs and have a project that involves longevity.

10. Rates are super high.

11. Expect to do your exchange within an hour and have a second appointment with your wealth manager later.

12. The vote on the health bill (containing approval of the gold-asset backed USN currency) that went through Congress today July 25 was important.

D. July 25 2017 3:19 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "History" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - July 25, 2017

1. With Vice President Mike Pence voting in the affirmative of healthcare repeal and replace debate he also declared the USA, Inc.'s surrender of the old fiat USD in favor of the new gold backed USN.

2. With President Trump's signature sometime tomorrow night July 26, the restoration of the Republic will be deemed complete by the Elders and the release codes entered in Beijing.

3. Per international treaty and domestic law, the USN is now considered the lone sovereign currency of the land and may be released globally across tiers of the Asian controlled financial system.


E. July 25 2017 9:45 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Malevolent/Benevolent" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - July 25, 2017 Source: Operation Disclosure

1. Word on the street in Washington tonight July 25 is the new, wildly unpopular healthcare bill will indeed pass the Senate with VP Mike Pence casting the deciding vote.

2. The House was expected to sign off on any last minute Senate changes the same day July 25.

3. The Bill was expected to be sent ASAP to White House for an immediate Presidential signature, with President Trump signing the same night July 25,

4. In the blink of an eye the RV magically appears as the United States becomes GESARA compliant and thus Grandmother releases the USN globally through out all tiers of the new financial system (July 25-26?).

5. Then the 800#s spit out (July 25-26?).

6. Wed. morning July 26 is set to begin private exchanges until Sat. night July 29 (4 days).

7. On either Sat. night July 30 or Tues. Aug. 1 rates will quietly flip in the middle of the night and the public will begin redeeming.

8. Nobody by the way has read the bill which effects 1/6 of the US economy. The only logic based reason as to why is to hide the RV/USN/gold standard language that is deeply buried in the bill.

9. Just like that the Cabal beast in America is slain after 146 years of brutal and unthinkable oppression.

No press release. No fan fare. No drama. Abundant beyond understanding. Heaven on earth manifested. And not one word of any RV will ever be spoken in the media. Not one record will be preserved in history. Yet your accounts will be real and lives never the same. What RV? God is with us.


F. July 24 11:11 pm EDT GCR Situation Report: "Wheeled" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - July 24, 2017 READ FULL SITREP

1. The RV was embedded into the American Health Care Act, which will be voted on July 25.

2. McCain was convinced by force to agree to the Bill.


July 25 2017 2:25 am EDT Questions & Answers: Answers Anonymous' Questions Regarding "Wheeled" - 7.25.17 "Re: Wheeled" by (Anonymous) - 7.25.17

1. Question 1: How long will it take to get Trump's signature after the Senate vote? Been reading in other posts Oct. 1 for this "nightmare" to end.
Answer 1: Wed. July 26.

5. By the sound of what has been posted about all that has and is going on leading up to the RV Gesara/Nesara, it's looking as though there is a very good chance this whole thing could be pulled off absolute flawless perfection.

6. GESARA requires that a newly elected US President constitutionally eligible representative body of the people (Congress) vote and sign into law the gold standard/USN. Until this happens we won't see the RV. Once it happens we will see the RV.

If there is no USN, there is no US military or US government come a minute after Sept. 30, 2017.

This is the end because even the Chinese want to kickstart their economy by kickstarting the global economy and months before the holiday season.

The Cabal is being permanently removed worldwide in front of our eyes.


July 25 2017 1:59 am EDT Iraqi PM Formally Declares Mosul Liberated from ISIS: Iraqi PM Formally Declares Mosul Liberated from IS Militants Source: Xinhua

On July 10, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formally declared that Mosul, the last stronghold of the ISIS in Iraq, was liberated from ISIS control after nine months of fierce fighting. (Xinhua/Yaser Jawad)


Frank26 from Mon.Night CC:

Frank26   If they announce in the coming days...something very big...like the ATM’s...would that not only force them to use their own currency?  This could explode their economic reforms.

An article came out a few days ago that told everyone in Iraq...that they have ELECTRICITY RESERVES...and power 24/7...you cannot do banking with sporadic electricity.

 We have been waiting for the electricity to come on to ACTIVATE things for the monetary reform.  Electricity was needed...do you understand the POWER of this? Do you understand...“THEY TURNED IT ON?!

The ATM machines will be lit-up like a Christmas tree!

ELECTRICITY --- is ready to take Iraq into an INTERNATIONAL world.
JodysAngel:  (Late Tuesday Night)   FRANK CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING TO HOLD US OVER TO TOMORROW'S  (Wednesday) CC?????     PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE.....

Pattycakes77:  This picture tells a thousand words

Quincy:  A picture worth a 1,000 words! With three zeros.  ATM's. Their everywhere. Their everywhere!!! Wooohooooo




LoneStarCowboy:  ~~What the FRANK! ATM's...with Electricity....Next...Get them loaded~~


JJonesMX:  To all licensed banks (selling dollars to pilgrims)

 July 26, 2017      https://cbi.iq/news/view/328

Salamon69:  JJONES,    Thanks for posting this from the CBI website.    I am copying the English translation.

To/ All licensed Banks
Subject/ Selling Dollars to the Sacred House of God pilgrims

Due to the approaching season of the Hajj to the Sacred House of God therefore the Dollar selling to pilgrims will be in the official price depending on pilgrims manifest instead of travel ticket to Service the public interest.


This is HUGE!   I google searched to find out what is the Hajj to the Sacred House of God?    It turns out it is the annual pilgrimage of muslims to go to Meccah which is located in Saudia Arabia.

So lets break this down.    Since in country Iraq they are now 1 to 1 with the US dollar.   If Iraqi's were to go outside of Iraq, and the exchange rate was still at a program rate at 1 USD = 1184 dinar.   That means that their 1 dinar would = .0009 dollars.   In essense their dinar would be worthless outside of country.

So this directive is stating and giving assurance that when Iraqi's leave the country to go on their pilgrimage to Meccah they WILL be able to exchange for US dollars at the OFFICIAL PRICE!

WOW WOW WOW!    They are in essence directing banks that the OFFICIAL Rate will be changed in time for them to buy USD when going to Saudi Arabia on their pilgrimage.



Airam:  the cabinet decided during its meeting on Tuesday to authorize the President of the National Investment Commission authority to negotiate and sign a draft agreement to encourage and protect investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United States of America, as amended by the Council State Shura. "


All these sounds to me as international intent ....or guess what .....international already who knows .....but interesting .....maybe closer than we think ......lol...lol...lol

Airam:  I also follow the IMF ....they are the onesdirecting the orchestra....many ppl says follow the money .....for Iraq where is the money???? ......always said read the SBA between Iraq and IMF ....THERE are the answers

BlueLion:  good morning folks.... I couldn't help but notice... the links provided below is for 2013 articles… 2012?....whats the real story?

Airam:  The history repeats that is how iraq works….

Blue, if you red the content of the economic news they are reffering to actual facts and different ppl than the 2013........about the currency if you read the article that was reffering about what was planned to do in those days ....and didn't happened .....what i understood is they are planning on doing it now .....as some one said this is IMO



Another Monday down with the same results as we received from the last Mondays as far back as I can remember. Is it any wonder people are giving in to those nay-sayers who keep plugging away at the old this is a scam and your currency is worth advising folks to sell it on EBay. Please folks don’t fall for the garbage that is being spread like manure over a garden. Keep the Faith.

There were a few calls today but they all pretty much stayed the course that they know more but cannot say then follow it up with a states In My Opinion (IMO) only new thing is they are now expressing their anger to the ones who call in wanting certain information that they have heard from friends and other Intel providers. Such a shame and totally uncalled for.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father Help us to hold on to our dreams for making our world a better place. Lord the tragedy that happen in my home town where so far 10 illegal immigrants have died due to being locked inside of a tractor trailer rig that they entered expecting to be safely transported to our country because of a dream to make our country a new fresh start and ability to find work.

Lord God Almighty please help us to find a way to keep these things from happening again. We understand the legality of the situation but every life is important and when one is cut short it is a crime against all humanity. I pray for the families of the one who died and for healing of the ones still clinging to life in our hospitals. Amen and Amen

Sleep well my friends as we are in the begining of a new day that very possibly be the day that changes your life from this point on. God be with us.


Stay positive.This is nothing even close as the same ole weekend/Monday. Relax and pray for Thy will, not mine, be done


Phenom, I sure hope you are right ! It's tough seeing RayR gassing on about Aug 1st now when he done in June, then July now Aug


Frank does make sense with the electricity and the banking and If the ATMS are in place(from what I remembr they have been there for months) Is it Iraq that is in control or the United States ready to unviel our new currency and we are not ready?


Thank you Admin !! Have a wonderful day and here is hoping you can call it quits there very soon


Thank you Adminbill and have a great day at work




Anyone else get the subtle message from F26 lst night that we should now be thinking of August as a possibility? I sure did. But he gets very defensive if you bring it up in the cc.


snickers, the end of April he stated strongly that he did't have a MAY file....now August has crossed his lips. But he tries like everyone else and I appreciate all he can add. I do believe we are Really close, even if the first part of August.


snickers, it is helpful that we can see so many things pointing to the END of this journey. That really helps.


Good morning everyone. Well here we are again with nothing new on the RV just keeps going round and round. I really wonder if it is real or are we just dreaming of becoming rich and helping with humanitarion ideas. Just wondering.



RC just keep hoping it will end today would be a great day to get it done.

well Grandma make it ok to August 10th. not that far away


Hey guys, we're good - Being Neurotic May Help You Live Longer...


Hope Admin gets the news he's waiting for.
I think when all this is said and done - I'm going to live in a cave

I'm wondering what news admin was thinking about possibly later today?

He wouldn't say that unless he had a tasty morsel

Sand would you care to eloborate? Or PM


I have no idea - but he would not get our hopes up for nada




No - except don't fall for anyone making promises to exchange you early by you giving them your currency. I was asked myself several months ago to be part of a private group - I would have had to turn my currency over to them. I declined.


My ...Sue irritates me just like the next guy...but remember...she is probably someone's mother!!!! ....back to regular programming...this has been a PSA haha

So much for the short call he stated at the beginning of the call.?.?


I keep stabbing myself with my sword but it won't end!


Omg with so many frustrated people that only care about one thing right now !!!

Grrrrrrrrr want to hangup the phone but want to hear intel

Out of respect for Admin I will not speak my mind!


Well I'll give a preview of the intel . Didn't expect to be here and we are in a really good place...


What is boomer boost ? For the space shuttle

Adonis, Boomer Boost is really great stuff!!!

I believe that too . We are sold so now bring on the intel !


I'm going to try it post rv

Me too but if Sue answers the phone I will hang up !


1camman1 I like the boomer products, they have helped me and my mom who is 97!we have more energy and it's helping me lose weight and the most important thing is, it's detox my liver, lungs, blood, kidneys! etc


All paymasters have received a certificate of authority to disperse, however the authority to do so will happen when we ge the 800 numbers.

We beleive the USN was already activated and is already in place to replace the USD.


I feel good tonight.... just hoping to hear something exciting by the morning.... hoping....

The banks are open now in Iraq!!!! just waiting....

The Big call w/Bruce Intel only