Monday, September 1, 2014


Condor:Tuesday Iraq will make announcements and 800# will be released. Tony is having a conference call with valuable updates on Tuesday. Not sure what time announcement or call will take place but Sept 2nd shaping up to be a big day. Approaching 7 am in Iraq.


Eagle1[via BulldogFord65]   Thoughts on the VND, IMO the VND value will increase significantly, likely more than any have supposed.

IMO, the GOI has already been formed and functioning, the news articles state it’s still being formed, however based on their actions, the GOI is already formed and functioning.  
 Iraqi banks are open in foreign countries – that is powerful.  Iraq is witnessing a state of stability and revenue stream is being created by oil sales right before our eyes.  Iraq’s new PM is pro-currency reform.  IMO, the new GOI will be announced on Sept 9 or 10; the IR [International Rate] could be simultaneous, or soon after – but as always, do not know the date or rate; remember also that Oct 1 is the beginning of the new year.   [post 2 of 2]


9-1-14 KTFA CC (Notes by BulldogFord65):

IQD update
• Please do not call Frank with questions about what other websites are saying

• in 2010, Maliki did not win the election, but he was appointed PM; in 2014 Maliki did win the election, but he was not appointed PM – the USA is in control

• when O pulled out our troops to keep his campaign promises, M took advantage and destroyed the nation; now our troops are back, and now ISIS is a threat; Frank would not speak about what was going on in deference to the safety of our troops; in the past 2 weeks, we now see that Syria is joining the fight against ISIS and American prisoners were released by Syrian rebels, etc…. again, the USA is in control

• in the past 2 years, intel has been gathered against M, and at last he has given up and announced he is stepping down

• although we have troops in Iraq, it’s been kept quiet, and our troops have eradicated ISIS and DASH, they are controlled; all will be kept quiet until the new GOI is announced likely next week, in Frank’s opinion; USA will not do any more until the government is announced

• in Frank’s opinion, the GOI has already been formed and functioning, the news articles state it’s still being formed, however based on their actions, the GOI is already formed and functioning

• the new GOI was looking for help, and the USA and coalition pounded ISIS; they retreated to Iran, and Iran would not give them safety, so they retreated to Syria; Assad, Arab League and even Hamas have helped in their own way; insurgents are being routed and giving up; the EU (even France), Australians, etc are all joining in the coalition to combat the situation as the MR moves forward and cannot be stopped

• Iraqi banks are open in foreign countries – that is powerful

• In Frank’s opinion, USA is in control, however surrounding with the coalition and Iraqi forces so they get the credit, will not appear as controlled by USA – can’t go in to a sovereign nation and fight; this must be seen as an Arab victory, so surrounding with not only the good guys, but some bad guys have joined the fight also, credit will go to coalition with Arab forces

• To understand ISIS better, research “levant”; when did all the bad guys turn good, and why are they trying to help? Could it be they know there is a MR coming? The whole world has helped this time to speed up things

• 60% of the coalition is from the ME! This is a new attitude, a new mind-set; what Iraq is doing is formidable, they have formed an all-inclusive GOI, perhaps not perfectly balanced, but all are represented and equal; it is the antithesis of what Sadam and M did and were; the other ME nations are willing to help as they see what is going on, and what Iraq is doing with the new GOI

• How is Africa looking these days? Does it look secure? In Frank’s opinion, following the pattern in the ME, it will put us in Africa in 10 years; study military history

• In 2011 Frank asked Kim Clement about the timeline for the RV, and he replied with during the summer months, there will be nothing (2011), nothing (2012), nothing(2013) and then suddenly(2014)

• Iraqia TV announced that a new govt is formed with a new attitude, new cooperation

• What is happening now is about securing the MR and GOI

• Frank read several article titles: CBI calls for ministers to work the new system of payments; the opening of the trade bank of Iraq in the southeast part of Iraq; announcement of 100,000 housing units being funded; gov’t calls for funding for projects for next 5 years; Iranian counsel emphasized the cooperation of ME nations to uproot insurgents; Hakim assured supreme islamic counsel and national alliance that conflict is over; census used for article 140, etc; how can laws be passed if a GOI is not seated and functioning in private???

• The lava flow is revenue stream now; Iraq is witnessing a state of stability and revenue stream is being created by oil sales right before our eyes

• Paris club debt: 80% has been forgiven, and we will likely see that 20% has been paid; Paris club bank shut down for 24 years has been opened again

• Former CBI governor Shaleh demands that what happened with the Rafadin bank opening in London needs to happen in other countries so Iraq can catch up with global developments which includes all access to foreign trading

• Go to Saturday’s post 211 by Backdoc, look at his opinion of timing with the GOI formation announcement

• Frank then switched gears to the Vietnamese Dong, and showed a newspaper article, Vietnam seeking US counter to China

• Recall about a month ago, China and Russia signed the largest oil deal in history; China and Russia approached BRICS to separate themselves from the USD and IMF; this created a revenue stream for the VND; the same thing that is happening with the IQD is happening with the VND

Nova came on the call at this point
• Nova said the importance of what we’re seeing in Iraq, think of analogy of our home budget – either need to have revenue stream (income) or savings, or you can’t have a budget; Iraq could not have a budget because they have had neither revenue or savings; just having an internationally tradable currency does not automatically cause it to have a high value; if there’s no revenue, the currency may be international, but not have any value; what China and Russia have done is to include the VND in the biggest oil deal in history, if the VND is used for settlement currency outside of the USD, then it creates a use, a demand – which increases value; with the IQD, a demand for the currency is being created, and with the demand, the value is being created; Iraq can then decide if they want to sell bonds

• In Nova’s opinion, politics always follows money; politics is worthless without money; in Nova’s opinion, history has shown that money happens first, then politics

• Frank asked all to look at who is being appointed to central banks and what they are doing; Iraq’s new PM is pro-currency reform

Eagle1 joined the call at this point
• In Eagle1’s opinion, GCR is more than just a function of revalued currencies, if nations are on the brink of bankruptcy and national debt cannot be paid, currency change is not necessarily a good thing; so, 4 years ago, a plan was put in place to redeem gold bonds, some dating back 150 years, and these bonds are being repatriated, in Eagle1’s opinion; in E1’s opinion our national debt will be paid off by this

• Frank asked E1 his thoughts on the VND? E1’s opinion is that the VND value will increase significantly, likely more than any have supposed, in his opinion

• Frank asked Eagle1 to end the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

• Frank left with this parting comment: in his opinion, the new GOI will be announced on Sept 9 or 10; the IR could be simultaneous, or soon after – but as always, Frank does not know the date or rate; remember also that Oct 1 is the beginning of the new year; take it all to God in prayer

KTFA Monday Night Conference Call with Frank26, Nova and Eagle1. Approx.150 Minutes long. The first part is Business Promo Night and the second part is Iraq/Dinar Intel.




[graciousme] BREAKING NEWS: Iraqi president calls for solidarity to fight terrorism Abadi going to announce his government's program today dated sept 2….. Iraqi political sources said a high-level, yesterday, that the Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi may announce today his government for the next four years, which will be the successor to the presidency of the government of Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki.

[igotit ] graciousme ... you "find" is certainly a missing piece to the RV/GCR puzzle, and in accord with many who call for currency revalues on Tuesday 02 Sept 2014!

[graciousme] oh boy I'm ready

[EvangeeGT] Is this really going down?

 [igotit ] EvangeeGT ... according to a caller on Phoenix3333/Les/Wy/BlogTalkRadio/61min mark, Exogen, Tony's tweet, graciousme's find on Iraq announcing the new GOI (above) today ... all points to 02 Sept 2014 ... of course the USA and invoke a HOLD!